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Dive even deeper into pleasure with "The Ultimate Female Pleasure Course"

Awaken your sexuality, experience deep satisfaction and pleasure.

"The Ultimate Female Pleasure Course" will help you awaken your sexuality, discover its different facets and enjoy life in all its beauty.

Every woman is special and so is her sexuality. What is pleasurable for one woman is repugnant to another, and vice versa. There is no right or wrong sexuality. As women, we are right just as we are.

All kinds of sexual expectations have been placed on women over the ages without asking ourselves how we want to express and experience our sexuality. All this has taught us to suppress our desires and do what our partner – and often society – wants.

For many women, sexuality is dormant. Some have never had an orgasm, for some sex is painful or just a dull activity. For many, their sexuality has been put to sleep by everyday life and a lonely relationship, for others by trauma or simply unpleasant experiences.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. With simple practices and exercises, it’s possible to awaken your sexuality and reach experiences you never thought possible.

The course can be taken completely anonymously and privately, and will help you to awaken your sexuality. Or, if it’s already awake, reach pleasures you’ve never experienced before.

We’ll cover a wide range of topics related to sexuality: how to create a harmonious relationship with your body, enjoying everyday life, building a deeper relationship with your partner, shared pleasures and much more.

The theory is supported by powerful practices that you can do at a time and place that suits you.

The course is for you if...

  • you want to expand your sexual pleasures;
  • you have a variety of sexual experiences, but you feel you have not experienced deep pleasures;
  • you have little sexual experience and want to get to know yourself better;
  • you want to bring passion and excitement back into your long-term relationship;
  • you have experienced sexually difficult situations or traumas and want to safely reconnect with your body and sexuality;
  • you’re focused on caring for others and now want to devote time to yourself;
  • you are fascinated by sexuality and want to explore it in depth.

The course is suitable for women of all ages, both single and in a relationship.

Why is connection with your sexuality important?

A satisfying sex life is the foundation of a woman’s well-being. If sexual energy does not flow freely, a woman will experience discomfort or pain during intercourse and lacks desire to have sex. However, this can affect a woman’s self-esteem and general sense of well-being.

Our society is dominated by male sexuality. Oppressed feminine sexual energy can also lead us women to adopt masculine behaviour, in order to gain recognition and love. This shift and imbalance can affect the relationship with oneself and one’s partner, as well as all other areas of life.

Awakening feminine sexuality requires a connection with oneself, the source of your own deep inner sexual pleasure, and the source of your own deep feminine intuition.

Learn how to awaken, maintain and manage your sexual power!

What you will achieve with this course


Physical intimacy and pleasure

Increase body awareness and take your sexuality to the next level. Learn to experience deeper satisfaction and guide the movement of sexual energy.


Self-confidence and connection with yourself

Connect deeper with yourself and your sexual energy. Learn to express your sensuality freely and connect to your feminine essence, empowering you with life-force.


Peace of mind and inner clarity

Learn to be present, focus on yourself and deepen relaxation. Learn to let go of stress and anxiety.


Healing and emotional balance

Learn to let go of emotional and intimate blockages. Learn to let go of shame, guilt, low self-esteem, and negative body image. Balance your emotions, increase energy and creativity.

Conscious Sexuality Coach

Karolin Tsarski

My first sexual experiences in my teenage years led me to believe that I was not capable of having orgasms or enjoying sex. Sex was unpleasant, and instead of pleasure, I felt only pain and discomfort.

I had an interest in sex, but for years I didn’t know where to look for help. Until I came across a tantric book by chance. Something about it spoke to me and I went to my first tantra course.

There followed a long period of trial and error before I had an experience that was not directly enjoyable, but was no longer unpleasant. It was one of the happiest moments of my life, because I knew: I, too, am capable of a satisfying sex life.

Today I am deeply in touch with my sexual energies. I am experiencing long and deep orgasms in different parts of my body and on different levels, with or without a partner. But I am also on a journey. The universe of sexuality is endless, there is always something to discover and experience.

I’ve put this course together using Eastern knowledge and Western psychology. I bring you the effective practices that helped me and literally changed my life.

These practices will also awaken your sexual energies and help you to get in deep contact with yourself. Powerful and satisfying orgasms improve your physical health, bring mental balance and calm your mind.

Come to the course, I’m waiting for you!

Why this course works so well

This course will bring together:

  • Eastern practices;
  • knowledge of traditional Western psychology;
  • thousands of years of wisdom on human energy;
  • Master’s level knowledge of relationship and couples therapy;
  • years of experience as a sex therapist.

Course program

Module 1

Introduction & my personal journey towards deeper sexuality

My personal journey from blocked sexuality to awakening orgastic potential. Different kinds of orgasms.
Understanding your sexual needs.

BONUS: Connecting to the teacher within and awakening internal integrity.
RESULT: You will have gained a deeper connection to your own internal body wisdom and intuition to begin to truly identify your needs, and awareness of what has really been holding you back. 

Module 2

Better sex and daily life quality

Daily life connection to sexuality. Celebrating pleasure in daily life. Making each moment orgastic. Accepting pleasure in daily life.
BONUS: Becoming aware of mental programming & practice relaxing and letting go.
RESULT: More relaxed and pleasurable daily life and sexuality.

Module 3

Yoga, letting go, coming to presence

Foundations of tantric yoga, its physical, energetical, emotional, and mental impacts. Yoga practices to awaken, expand and guide sexual energy.
BONUS: Yoga practice for opening the heart
RESULT: You will understand the deep connection between yoga and sexuality.
You will be able to awaken and expand your sexual energy, sense it deeper and guide to reach whole-body orgasms.
You will be able to be more at the moment and let go of the unnecessary. You will gain a deeper understanding of different sexual expressions.

Module 4

Creating a harmonious relationship with your body

Awareness and relationship with your body, your yoni, and accepting your body.
BONUS: Breast massage – healing massage for breasts to awaken energies on a heart level, accepting breasts, increasing sensitivity and sensuality in the breasts.
RESULT: Accept your body and drop comparison to feel beautiful, sexy, and relaxed.

Module 5

Expressing your sexuality

Releasing shame, guilt, and sexual embarrassment to learn to express sexual energy freely.
BONUS: Sensual dance teacher Miss Redina’s tips, movements, and choreography for sensual dance practice.
RESULT: You have the courage and confidence to express your sensuality and sexuality without embarrassment, guilt, and shame and to do it also with a partner in a sexual context.

Module 6

Awakening sexual energy

Connecting deeply to your sexual energy through pelvic muscle practice. Sensing and awakening energy in your yoni. Self-massage techniques to awaken sexual energy. Understanding of your physical arousal.
BONUS: Practices to release and let go of unharmonious past sexual experiences.
RESULT: You will know to awaken your sexual energy and do practices, which increase sensitivity in the vagina and change sexual experiences more pleasurable and deeper.

Module 7

Whole-body orgasms

How to expand physical pleasure to subtle planes. Moving sexual energy throughout the whole body. Practices to reach whole-body orgasms.
BONUS: Connecting your heart energies with your sexual energies.
RESULT: You will know to awaken, feel and guide sexual energy throughout the body.

Module 8

Deepening connection with your partner

Creating a deep connection with your partner. Ability to differentiate between obligation and surrender. How to receive while giving so the boundaries between giving and receiving dissolve? Fundamentals of intimate massage.
BONUS: Harmonious sexual communication.
RESULT: You will understand what you can do to bring out depth, connection and unity within sexuality with your partner. This supports you in creating a deeper and stronger connection to your partner.

“I really like what you say - you say all the right things, and all women should listen to these teachings and become aware of them.”

Before the course - 0 intimate relations for several years after the divorce.
Mid-course - A new partner came into my life and I am experiencing incredible new pleasures. I don't believe it either!!
At the end of the course - You change women's lives!!! What don't you believe? And what could be possible? Come, experience, discover and join a wonderful group of lovely women!

"I participated in the female pleasure course and I have never experienced the kinds of orgasms I started to experience after doing this course. It was so amazing! Oh my God! Thank you so much!"

I am in awe! I got so much useful and practical advice to practice and develop! I thought I knew something about sexuality, but this course opened completely new layers in this topic! I am especially grateful for how amazingly practically applicable it all is! I have never received so much new advice and tips during a single course!

I got a lot of reassurance from the course about what I've been thinking about in relation to my sexuality and I gained courage in my own sexual behaviour, shame in front of my partner has been greatly reduced, I dare to be more who I am and enjoy my body.

This course is definitely very important for women. It helps to make women more confident and open. I liked the fact that theory and practice are separated. I got a lot of positives, my self-love was reawakened and my confidence was boosted.

Join now!

You will also receive “The Art of Intimacy” e-book as a gift.

The Ultimate Female Pleasure Course



Yes, you’ll get to know yourself better on the course and discover an exciting world of sexuality. You’ll become more confident and know how to choose your first partner wisely.
Of course, darling! Awakened by sexual energies, this stage of life is empowering and powerful. Come and wake them up!

No problem! Go at your own pace, you’ll have access to all the videos for 8 months. It’s important to keep up with the practice, even if it’s only during the children’s lunch break. The result will not be missed!

Absolutely. I explain everything in detail in special introductory videos and demonstrate the exercises very slowly. In the practice video, I guide you through all the exercises as you go. If you still don’t understand anything, you can write to me privately.

Yes, definitely. You don’t need a partner to awaken sexual energies. On the contrary, I also encourage women who are in a relationship to abstain from active sex during the course, because the results can be much more powerful. This is a time for you.

Yes, you will receive an invoice in the mail with which you registered for the course, so you can also pay with your company’s account.


Passive participation will not bring results, but being committed to the program and following the advice and doing the practices will surely bring an impact and this goes both during the course as well as afterwards. The aim of the course is to open doors for deeper satisfaction, but you are the one who has to step inside! Reaching the desired result can take different timeframe depending where your starting point is today, how long you have had the challenge, and how much time you dedicate on the course.


This program is not for you if…

You are not ready to put in personal effort to create a change.

If you have a serious sexual trauma, please contact me individually before the course.

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